Business advice

Business advice

Set Up a Business

Nowadays, Vietnam welcomes a great number of investors and startups from around the world to open companies and start businesses . Our country always welcomes with open arms.

Driver's license

Driver's license

Residence card

The temporary residence card in accordance with Vietnam's new immigration law has a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.  When granted temporary residence card, foreigners can use temporary residence cards to exit, enter and stay in Vietnam.

Work permit

We are honoured to gain your faith in our legal services on work permit application, and work permit extension for foreigners and foreign professionals/experts

Airport Service

Airport Service

Visa Exemption

A Visa Exemption Certificate is valid for a maximum period of 05 years. With Visa Exemption Certificate, passengers can stay in Vietnam for a maximum period of 180 days for each visit, and the duration of stay can be extended in Vietnam for a maximum period of another 180 days.

Visa Extension

When you are in Vietnam and your visa is expired, you can choose to extend visa or renew visa. The extension and renewal are due to the desire of foreigners or the type of visa that the Immigration Authority of Vietnam allows to extend or renew.

Urgent visa

We provide express approval letter service on request - the processing time is between 1-4 hours during week day. Please note the time difference between Vietnam and the country where you are residing. Read more: Vietnam times

Visa services

 Our company was established in 2007 and operates under the regulations of the Vietnamese Government on providing visa services for foreigners.  Our company operates completely legally in accordance with the law of Vietnam on entry, exit and e-commerce.

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