Vietnam Business Visa (DN)

Posted on: April 04, 2020

Vietnam Business visa (Visa DN) 

Vietnam business visa, categorized as DN visa is granted to those entering Vietnam for business purposes, including working with Vietnamese enterprises, exploring business potentialities, setting up industrial venture, purchasing or selling merchandise, attending conferences or meetings, signing business contracts, etc. A business visa  is a short-stay visa, which allows its holder to enter and remain in Vietnam for a maximum period of 03 months or 12 month with special cases

Vietnam Business visa (Visa DN) requirements

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the departure date (Temporary passports may not be accepted)
  • 02 blank pages for visa stamp
  • The stamping fee (for visa on arrival) for business visa is 25 USD for 1 month/3month single entry, 50 USD for 1 month/3month multiple entry and 95 USD for 6 month multiple entry visa.
  • Sponsorship letter from a licensed company in Vietnam is required if you apply through the local embassy in your country.

    Note: US travelers have one (01) more option for a business visa to Vietnam: 1 year multiple entry visa for Vietnam.

How to Get a Business Visa for Vietnam?

There are two options for you to get a business visa to Vietnam, that may include:

  • Visa on arrival (no sponsorship letter is required)  - Business visa approval letter can be obtained on (a specialized business visa provider)
  • E-visa (Not available for business visa)
  • Visa at Vietnamese embassy abroad (you will need to present the sponsorship letter from your business partner in Vietnam)

Business Visa (DN) fees 

The business visa fee depends on the method you choose to get your visa, you can see the example below:

  • Visa on arrival: please see more: Vietnam Business visa costs
  • E-visa: Not available for business visa
  • Visa at the embassy: Please contact the local embassy of Vietnam in your country for procedures.

Business Visa processing times

Processing times for the business visa range from 7 working days to more than 10 working days from the time you file your application.

• Visa on arrival: 5-7 working days to receive the approval letter (For emergency requests, it can be processed in 2-3 working days)
• Visa at the embassy: This may vary, please contact the Embassy for the processing time

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a sponsorship letter?

For visa on arrival, sponsorship letter is not required. Please follow our form instructions to submit your business visa request.

Can I apply for a business visa if I visit Vietnam for signing business contracts?

Yes, business visa is applicable to activities like signing contracts or business meetings.

Is it possible to extend my business visa to remain stay in Vietnam?

Yes, it is possible. Once you are in Vietnam, you can ask your employer or business partner to have your visa extended on your behalf. The maximum length of extension for business purposes is 1 year multiple entry.

I am a Canadian passport holder, can I apply for a 1 year business visa?

Currently, 1 year business visa is available for US passports only. The only way to remain stay in Vietnam on a long term visa is to get a work permit with sponsor letter from your business partner or employer in Vietnam. That will allow you to stay for up to 1-2 years without leaving and returning the country.

I am currently in Vietnam, is it possible to change my tourist visa to business visa?

No, it is NOT possible. You are required to exit Vietnam and apply for a business visa as there is no way to change the existing type of visa while you are in the country.

Can I apply for a 3 month business E-visa?

No, you cannot. The e-visa system is available for tourism purposes only and last for a maximum stay of 30 days.